Extend the summer with our pre carved sand sculptures

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We have been creating pre carved sand sculptures in our studio for quite a few years now. This is one of the many social distancing friendly events we currently offer. We have worked hard over the last few months adapting what we do to make it safe for everyone. We make the sculptures in our West Yorkshire studio (now socially distanced of course) then we deliver them to you. It’s a great way to bring the beach to towns, cities and shopping centres. These sculptures are mess and fuss free, we take care of all that. If looked after, the sculptures can last for years. We have sculptures in our studio that are 4 years old now and move around quite a bit too. 

Some highlights include some of the smaller sculptures we created for the Bradford sand sculpture trail. This was our first real test to see if we could sculpt smaller sculptures then deliver them and as it was local to us, this gave us confidence that we could do it and we did!


We have also created a few for the Metrocentre in Gateshead. The shopping centre loved our sand sculptures but having a sand sculpture created inside does come with lots of complications so instead we delivered them pre carved. The sculptures stayed in situe for quite a while and one little duck was even kept as a little momento. 


Culver Square had the best of both worlds, we made some precarved sculptures for their event and also created a live carve sand sculpture on the day and table top pop up sand sculpture workshops. The sun was shining and the whole event was a great success raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. 


The sculptures we created for a shopping centre in Chester were some of the largest we have pre carved to date. We had streamlined and improved our techniques to move and transport these types of sand sculpture as they are very heavy. 


We have made pre made sand sculptures for hotels, shopping centes, train stations, arts trails and much more. These sculptures do have a 6 week lead time though so book now to have your sculptures before hospitality and leisure reopens. 

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