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One Thousand Turtles Sand Drawing on Blackpool Beach

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To commemorate World Ocean Day, Sand In Your Eye worked with Sea Life Blackpool to make a large scale sand drawing on the beach at Blackpool, UK in the shadow of Blackpool Tower, nestled between the north and central piers.

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Lots of turtles, Blackpool, UK

Using stencils and rakes to make the sand art and working between the racing tides; sand artists Claire Jamieson, Rich Spence and a team of fantastic volunteers from Sea Life Blackpool created the spectacular effect of a swarm of one thousand turtles crawling towards the sea, in just three hours.

sand drawing blackpool tower

Sand drawing Blackpool Tower

beach art

Using a stencil to create sand art

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Turtles on the beach at Blackpool, UK

blackpool UK

Sand art on Blackpool beach

The sand drawings were to raise awareness of the fact that one thousand turtles sadly die every year because of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans as well as celebrating the arrival of Lulu, a 79 year old giant green turtle visiting Sea Life Blackpool from their centre in Brighton.


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