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The Fallen 9000 film trailer on D-Day 70th anniversary

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The Fallen | Lest we Forget from Aberration Films on Vimeo.


Today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings and last September on International Peace Day we went to Arromanches in France to draw on the beach 9000 silhouettes to visually represent the lives lost and what happens in the absence of peace as such a number is unimaginable.  The drawing represented all combatants and civilians that lost their lives on that day.  It was designed by Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss and involved many volunteers and lots of heart to make the piece.

This short film is a sneak preview by Finn Varney from Aberrations films who joined us on our trip to France.  Thank you to all these those involved as this art piece continues to touch peoples hearts.


  1. Thank all of you who were responsible for drawing 9000 silhouettes on the beach to visually represent the lives lost during the D-Landings at Normandy. Hopefully, all the Veterans who are still alive will see this and know that there are those who have not forgotten.

    1. Author

      Hi Jack. Thank you for your comment. Many of the veterans have seen it. There was a chap there on the day and it has been in many veteran magazines. Very sobering.

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  3. We want to thank you for such a powerful message drawn with images on the sand. We were quite blown away by the skill and effectiveness of these wonderful images. Were the outlines drawn first on the sand and then shaded areas raked in? We were intrigued as to how it was done. Thankyou

    1. Hi Liz, we’re really pleased you liked the Pages of the Sea sand art – it was a very moving project and we were incredibly proud to be a part of it. You might like to read our blog post about the actual day Thanks, SIYE

  4. What a powerful way to show what happened that day. God bless you all for this.

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