Jamie Wardley sand sculptor

Dennis Falcon Dust Cart, a proper job.

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Jamie Wardley sand sculptor

Watch out for that truck Jamie!

“Well it’s better than doing a proper job!”

This was the exclamation of a representative looking down at me kneeling in the sand with trowel in hand whilst I finished off some details on a Dennis Falcon Dustcart.  Mike Hurst from Areca Design had asked us to pop down to make a replica for Mr Falcon as an ice breaker and talking point at the Waste Recycling Show in Peighton.

sand sculpture of Dennis truck

Time to take out the rubbish

It certainly did it’s job as not many had seen a dust cart in sand before!  It rained and blew plenty but Mick looked after me and supplied me with plenty of tea and cream scones with Strawberries.  He also shoveled a great deal of sand so well done there!


sand sculpture of a dennis dustcart

8 tonne sand sculpture

The greatest achievement for me was when one of the Reps said:   “It’s an Olympus Short Wheel Base!”  And so it was.



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